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How To Maximise Your Air Con’s Efficiency This Summer

As the summer months are heating up, many of us have resorted to utilising our air-cons more often to try and get through the scorching summer heat. As the heat turns up and the ACs are cranked, you may notice your electricity bill creeping up as well, or perhaps your AC isn’t cooling you off as well as you expected it to.

Whether you just want to save some money on your cooling bill or your AC isn’t functioning as well as it once did, there are some tried and tested ways to help maximise your air-con’s efficiency and keep your home cooler for less this summer.

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Clean the Filters

Cleaning your air filters is one of the easiest and quickest ways that you can get your AC running at maximum efficiency. Dirty and clogged filters mean that your unit will need to work that much harder to cool your home efficiently.

Keeping your filters clean will help ensure that your unit isn’t wasting valuable power or costing a fortune to run.

Close Doors & Windows

It goes without saying that if you are using your air-con to cool your home then you should ensure that all your doors and windows are shut. You can even go a step further and block off any rooms that you know you won’t be utilising anytime soon; only cool the areas that you will be in.

Not only will this save you a lot of money in electricity costs, but your AC won’t have to work so hard to cool down such a big area.

Summer heat can be brutal, especially outside in the full sun. There’s no doubt that this heat can have a huge impact on your AC condenser unit, making it work that much harder to keep your home cool.

Providing the unit with a bit of shade can do wonders for your unit, allowing it to cool your home efficiently without overheating itself. This can help prolong its life overall as well.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a fantastic tool to help you keep your home cool in an intelligent way. A smart thermostat will take everything from the time of the day, humidity and the number of people in the room into account and make decisions for you in regards to how much energy to use and how much to cool the air.

This makes it that much easier to maximise your air-con’s efficiency with little to no effort on your part.

Air-con units have a huge array of moving parts and compressed gasses within them that require regular maintenance to stay in top shape. If any of these parts are damaged or not functioning properly, this can have a huge impact on how well your AC can function and cool your home.

Regular services and maintenance can help ensure that your air-con unit is performing as it should. Not only can this help keep your home cooler, but it can also help reduce those already high running costs.

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