If you’re not an expert in the electrical field, you may find it difficult to distinguish between the different levels of electricians. In this blog, we’ll explore the differences between Level 2 and Level 1 electricians so that you can ensure that you’re hiring the right professional for the job.

Understanding The Basics

Before we discuss the differences, let’s start with foundational knowledge. Electricians are highly skilled professionals who specialise in the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems. Their work encompasses a broad range of tasks, from handling wiring and circuits to ensuring electrical safety in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Level 1 Electricians: The Fundamentals

Level 1 electricians possess the fundamental skills required to perform standard electrical tasks. The typical tasks a Level 1 electrician carries out include, but are not limited to:

  • Installing, repairing and maintaining lights and power points
  • Wiring and rewiring buildings
  • Setting up home automation systems
  • Installing and servicing electrical appliances
  • Safety inspections and testing
  • Electrical fault finding and repairs

These electricians can handle most electrical jobs in homes and small commercial buildings. However, when it comes to more complex tasks or specialised work, the expertise of a Level 2 electrician may be required.

Level 2 Electricians: Advanced Expertise

Level 2 electricians possess advanced skills and qualifications beyond those of Level 1 electricians. These professionals have undergone additional training and certification, allowing them to undertake more complex and high-risk electrical work. Here are some areas in which Level 2 electricians excel:

  • Metering: Level 2 electricians are authorised to install, maintain and repair electrical metering equipment. They can handle tasks such as meter upgrades, relocations and metering for solar installations.
  • Consumer Mains: Level 2 electricians can work on consumer mains, which are the electrical lines that supply power to residential, commercial and industrial properties. They can perform tasks such as overhead and underground service line installation, disconnection and reconnection.
  • Switchboard Upgrades: Level 2 electricians have the expertise to upgrade and replace switchboards, ensuring that electrical systems can handle increased power demands and comply with safety standards.
  • Defect Rectification: When electrical systems fail safety inspections, Level 2 electricians can identify and rectify defects, ensuring compliance and optimal functionality.
  • Temporary Power Supplies: Level 2 electricians are skilled in setting up temporary power supplies for construction sites and events, ensuring a safe and reliable power source.
  • Fault Finding: These professionals have advanced knowledge and equipment to diagnose and rectify complex electrical faults, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum safety.

The Key Difference

In summary, the distinction between Level 1 and Level 2 electricians lies in the complexity and risk associated with the tasks they can undertake. While Level 1 electricians handle general electrical work, Level 2 electricians possess additional qualifications and skills that enable them to handle more intricate and specialised electrical tasks.

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