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McGrath Electrical & Data, in Grafton, offers thermal imaging services for homeowners and business owners in NSW North Coast area.

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Thermal imaging is a method used to detect potential electrical and mechanical problems before they develop.

Components that show irregular heat patterns are flagged by our technology. Appropriate action can then be taken… before problems flare up.

Equipment that runs too hot will be compromised. Either it will perform unreliably or worse, it will come to a grinding halt. Typically its lifespan will be dramatically shortened.

In the case of a large switchboard, for example, thermal imaging would detect spots with the highest concentration of heat energy.

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Without this kind of testing, the likely result would be equipment failure and unexpected downtime – always inconvenient and often expensive to resolve.

Heat signatures are characteristic for most electrical and mechanical equipment. 

Our thermographic cameras scan for this and, through sophisticated software, instant and detailed information becomes available.

These detailed reports provide the information you need to make sure your equipment and machinery is running at optimal temperatures.

Thermograph imaging has become an invaluable diagnostics tool and part of good maintenance procedures- especially at mine sites and anywhere that critical infrastructure is central to day-to-day business operations.

Thermal imaging pinpoints potential faults and helps to prevent damage in:

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