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McGrath Electrical & Data provides complete solutions for all your phone, data, and security requirements, throughout Grafton and surrounding North Coast NSW areas.

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Our affordably-priced services are consistently delivered to a high standard & backed locally with 24/7 emergency breakdown support.

For professional electrical installation and maintenance, our South Grafton-based electricians provide unbeatable value-for-money service. From the smallest residential jobs to the largest industrial projects, our range of services covers all electrical services, including grid connection, test and tagging, and general electrical.

We install and maintain smoke alarms, power points, switchboards, safety switches, service panels, and fuse boxes. McGrath Electrical & Data is the Grafton area’s leading electrician for air conditioning installation and service, electronic security systems, and data communications infrastructure.

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We install CCTV digital surveillance systems with motion-activated recording and Internet-based remote surveillance options.

From single camera monitoring to multiple cameras, these are systems designed for remote monitoring in any commercial or residential situation.

We also specialise in:

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We have specialist mechanics who install and carry out repairs and maintenance for domestic air conditioning systems. Scheduled maintenance services are available. With Level 2 accreditation, we specialise in:

  • Split system air conditioning
  • CCTV systems
  • Ceiling & exhaust fans
  • Core drilling
  • Electric hot water systems
  • Electronic security systems
  • Generators – sales & service
  • Home automation
  • Home rewires
  • Home safety inspections
  • Intercom & access systems
  • Domestic refrigeration
  • Testing & tagging
  • Thermographic imaging


McGrath Electrical & Data

Grid Connection

Grid connection refers to connecting a renewable energy source, such as a solar panel or wind turbine, to the electric grid. Energy generated from renewable sources can be fed into the grid and used by consumers, and renewable energy systems can draw power from the grid when necessary. Grid connection is essential in integrating renewable energy into the existing power system.

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McGrath Electrical & Data

Electrical testing and tagging involves inspecting electrical equipment to ensure it’s safe to use and in compliance with regulations. This typically includes a visual inspection for damage or wear and testing it using specialised equipment to ensure the equipment functions correctly. The equipment is then tagged with a label to indicate that it has been tested and when the next inspection is due.

McGrath Electrical & Data

Maintaining Your Electrical Equipment

Smoke Alarms

Maintaining smoke alarms is vital in ensuring the safety of a building’s occupants in case of a fire. It’s recommended to test smoke alarms regularly and replace batteries as needed. Smoke alarms should also be cleaned periodically to remove dust and cobwebs and replaced every ten years or as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


Switchboards, also known as electrical or service panels, are a central distribution point for electrical circuits in a building, typically located in a utility room. They contain circuit breakers or fuses that protect the electrical wiring and devices in the building from damage due to overloading or short-circuiting. To maintain switchboards, it’s recommended to visually inspect them regularly for any signs of damage or wear, such as loose connections or burnt wires. If any issues are found, it’s important to have them repaired or replaced by a qualified electrician.

Installing Smoke Alarm
Closeup On Safety Switch

Safety Switches

A safety switch monitors the electrical current flowing through the circuit. It automatically cuts off the power in the event of an imbalance, which can indicate the presence of an electrical fault or leakage. Safety switches are typically installed in the switchboard or electrical panel and can be used to protect the entire home or specific circuits. It’s recommended to test safety switches regularly to ensure they’re working correctly; this can be done by using the test button on the switch. A qualified electrician should carry out any necessary repairs.

Split System Air Conditioning

Maintaining a split system air conditioner ensures proper function and energy efficiency. You can extend the life of your air conditioning system and avoid costly repairs or replacements through regular cleaning of filters, coils and ducts and checking for refrigerant leaks.

McGrath Electrical & Data

Why Should You Hire An Electrician For Your Electrical Work?

Hiring a qualified electrician for your electrical works is crucial for safety and quality assurance.

  • Safety: Electrical work can be dangerous and pose a risk of electrocution or fire if not completed correctly. A qualified electrician has the training and experience to safely install, repair and maintain electrical systems.
  • Compliance with codes & regulations: Local building codes and regulations dictate how electrical work must be done. A qualified electrician is familiar with these codes and can ensure the work is carried out in compliance.
  • Quality of work: A qualified electrician has the knowledge and skills to properly diagnose and fix electrical problems and ensure work is accomplished at a high standard. Having your equipment installed correctly from the get-go can help you avoid costly repairs down the track.
  • Warranties: Many electricians offer warranties on their work, which can provide additional peace of mind.
  • Insurance: A qualified electrician will carry liability insurance in case of any accidents during work.
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