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What Is A Level 2 Electrician And When Do You Need One?

You’ve likely heard of electricians, those skilled professionals who keep our homes and businesses powered and running smoothly. But have you heard of a level 2 electrician? These specialised professionals, undertake crucial tasks that general electricians aren’t authorised to do.

What Is a Level 2 Electrician?

Not just anyone can become a level 2 electrician. These professionals must undergo rigorous training, pass stringent assessments and become fully accredited as an Accredited Service Provider (ASP). As such, a level 2 electrician is qualified to perform a broader and more complex range of electrical work compared to a general electrician, including:

  • Connecting and disconnecting your property to the power grid
  • Upgrading your power supply (e.g, from a single-phase to a three-phase system)
  • Working on overhead and underground electrical services systems
  • Repairing damaged power lines

What Is the ASP Level 2 Electrician Scheme?

The NSW Government’s Accredited Service Provider (ASP) scheme was created to ensure only accredited and appropriately qualified electricians can carry out certain tasks. This guarantees the safety of the electricians, as well as the home or business owner who has hired them.

There are three levels for electricians under this scheme:

  • Level 1: This classification allows construction of network assets, permitting both overhead and underground construction tasks on distribution and transmission networks.
  • Level 2: This classification focuses on service work and connection services, allowing for the establishment of service lines between the distribution system and the connection point at the premises, as well as the energising of new or modified connections.
  • Level 3: This level is concerned with the design of network assets. It authorises the design of transmission and distribution networks, which can include both underground and overhead services.

When Do You Need a Level 2 Electrician?

Despite holding higher qualifications that allow them to conduct complex and hazardous tasks, level 2 electricians can also expertly handle routine electrical repairs, installations and cabling work. They are however most often used to disconnect and reconnect properties from the power grid, or to enhance power systems to bolster a property’s output for greater consumption. Here are the most common tasks completed by a level 2 electrician:

  • Smart meter installations
  • Point-of-attachment (POA) repairs
  • Connecting power to secondary dwelling (such as studios and granny flats)
  • Emergency replacement for burnt out barge fuses
  • Switchboard relocations
  • Upgrading power supply systems
  • Installing private power poles
  • Electrical work on major renovations
  • Handling electrical emergencies involving power lines

Looking for an Accredited Level 2 Electrician in Grafton?

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