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What Is A Level 2 Electrician?

With electricians, there are different levels of accreditation, which translates to the services these tradesmen can provide. A Level 1 electrician cannot do any of the specialised tasks of a Level 2 or 3 electrician. This is just a matter of safety; you can trust them to do more with higher qualifications. In this article, we’ll look at Level 2 electricians and when a person or business might employ them.

Electrician Inspecting An Electrical Junction Box in Grafton, NSW | McGrath Electrical & Data

What Do Level 1 Electricians Do?

Level 1 electricians still have advanced qualifications and do vital work – their area of expertise is often fixing issues with circuits and wires, as well as carrying out safety assessments. They mainly focus upon tasks in the workplace or home but can sometimes help to erect electricity poles. They can still do some work with power lines, but not if they involve high voltage.

Level 1 electricians usually work with underground or overhead cabling systems and can repair or install them with ease. Though they have fewer qualifications than Level 2 electricians, Level 1 electricians are still invaluable for any job. Level 1 can encompass three subsets: Class 1A (can work on overhead networks such as street lighting), Class 1B (underground work such as trench excavation), and Class 1C (underground but only with polymeric cables).

What Do Level 2 Electricians Do?

Level 2 electricians set themselves apart primarily by their ability to conduct installations, maintenance, and repairs on the service lines between properties and networks; the property can be residential or commercial. This can take many different forms, including disconnecting or reconnecting an electricity supply and more kinds of underground and overhead work. Level 2 experts focus upon the point of connection, such as private poles and consumer mains.

Connecting a home to or from the grid has additional risk and requires a separate qualification. These electricians can also install smart meters, upgrade switchboards, put together Electrical Compliance reports which certify a building’s electrics, and more. This level divides into four categories: 2A (disconnect and reconnect power lines), 2B (underground systems), 2C (overhead systems), and 2D (network service equipment).

When Do People Or Businesses Need Level 2 Electricians?

Level 2 electricians are both invaluable and necessary when your home or company contends with the supply of electricity – this can include upgrades as well as power failures. Level 2 electricians can repair electric cables that have worn away due to the UV rays of Australia’s sun, a surprisingly common issue that many homes and businesses face. They can also help either group upgrade their system to a 2-phase or even 3-phase one, and Level 2 electricians usually connect properties directly to the grid.

The Level 2 electricians at McGrath Electrical & Data can do all of the above and more. With over 35 years in business and 24-hour availability, they’ll take care of all your electrical needs across the Northern Rivers. If you need a licensed Level 2 electrician to connect your property or look after your underground service lines, get in touch today.